"I giovani maestri"
curated by Maria Fratelli

1 Museum (Studio Museo Francesco Messina) - Comune di Milano
4 special books, full colours
4 artists : 
-Alberto Gianfreda
-Daniele Salvalai
-Nada Pivetta
-Salvatore Cuschera

4 projects focused on contemporary sculpture 

if you are interested write to: info@blisterzine.com 

The works are presented by 4 artists called to measure their own art with the historical production of Francesco Messina, to whom the museum Studio Museo Francesco Messina is dedicated.  Alberto Gianfreda, Daniele Salvalai, Nada Pivetta and Salvatore Cuschera, are all artists who work with Sculpture and everyone  projected a site-specific project in order to embark a dialogue with Francesco Messina's body of work which represents the permanent collection of the Museum.
The books and the exhibitions are curated by the director of the Museum, Maria Fratelli, who projected the whole process of requalification of the former Church where the Museum is now hosted.