a new artist’s book by Francesco Carone feat. blisterZine

unique artist book containing Francesco Carone’s work layout & editing by blisterZine (NASTYNASTY¬©)

VOLTA is a 1 copy book, handmade:

finnish birch wood, manually blue painted

Format: 240x240 mm

The book:

Between 1304 and 1306, Giotto painted 40 stories in fresco in the Scrovegni’s Chapel in Padova. 

Deleting from these backgrounds and all the figures that populate but leaving visible only the golden aureole, without a supporting explanatory references to the image primitive are impossible to trace. 

The plates that make up the book, so made, they deceive their origin. 

Gold hoops arranged on the pages in apparent random remind constellations and planetary theories. 

Giotto probably had a keen interest in celestial observation. He painted astronomical phenomena, sometimes decorated with the stars and used the regular blue of lapis lazuli for its skies, making them unique and totally present. 

I’m sure you’ve unconsciously placed his figures in these reports that the halos on their heads formed constellations ... revealing very clearly to the millions of eyes that have dwelt on his frescoes, an eternal secret. 

At the same time it is obvious and totally invisible.