The aesthetic of my disappearance 

Author: Arianna Carossa
Format: 14,8cm x 10,5cm
Feautures:56 pages, soft cover

Edition: 100 copies hand numbered


“The project is based around my works, works I will never create.

The requirement is to streamline artistic work, made of objects, things, and ending up at the suggestion of the ideas that determine them.

The heaviness of the erect position expressed by Bataille, attributable to the physical use of object has become for me, having always worked with objects and it is to the object I owe the certainty of my existance, the expression of transcience. What interests me is being able to, through the use of object/subject, arrive directly with the suggestion and evocation of words (written and spoken) to meet the listener on a middle ground, in a grey area, where my hypothetical work, becomes a similar work but also probably different in the mind of who listens to me or reads me.”

Arianna Carossa