an artists book by Arts&Sciences Projects and NASTYNASTY©

soft cover
printed on Munken Lynx 120gr
edition: 50 copies, hand numbered
39 pictures
Released at NYABF 2016

the book

Public Collection II, assembles a series of images of art works culled from international television programming (TV series, commercials, variety shows, reality shows, soap operas, news reports). It is the second book in the series Public Collection by blisterZine and Arts & Sciences Projects.

Public Collection is based on the practice of appropriation (it is a collection of collections) and sets off a recognition process in the onlooker. What artwork is found in the scene? Who is the artist? Who does it belong to? The result is a further stratification of the reading and interpretation of the original artwork, which while featured once already on the screen, is thus further recontextualized in print. The most radical consequence of Public Collection is its questioning of exclusivity. The guiding principle in this project is that of diffusion; of making visible works of art often overlooked during the viewing experience. Public Collection celebrates the democratizing role of circulating imagery otherwise owned and controlled by a select few. The audience becomes broader and more diverse. Art thereby goes public.

the authors

Arts & Sciences Projects is an organization dedicated to providing a production and dissemination platform for emerging and established artists through independent publishing, an alternative project space, and temporary installations and performances. In addition to organizing exhibits in a New York project space from 2008-2012, Arts & Sciences Projects has exhibited at the NY Art Book Fair, the LA Art Book Fair, Yale University Art Gallery, Guest Spot (Baltimore), and other venues.


NASTYNASTY¬© is a collective which works with various media, the book is among them, in particular the publishing house blisterZine, which started in order to promote and to distribute the self published book and the artist’s book as an art object. They exhibited at the NY Art Book Fair, Artist’s Space NY, OffPrint TateLondon, OffprintParis, Museo Marino Marini, CorviMora & Greengrassi.