by Luca Piola

Limited Edition Artist book with prints, plexiglass
Edition of 100 copies 
Numbered and Signed by the artist
size 20 x 26 cm / 7,9 x 10,2 inches
56 pages
Fedrigoni Splendorgel E.W. 190 gsm
24 Fine Art Glic√©e photographs on  Moab Entrada Rag Bright 190 gsm printed with the artist
Prints size 6,22 x 4 ,4 inches
Hand bound with the artist
essay by Adriana Polveroni
Concept & Design by Luca Piola & blisterZine

With the book “Passengers”, Luca Piola closes the project that he started inside of America's museums. The study explores the relationship between the museum visitor and the museum space itself. 

The book, both physically and conceptually, embodies  the essence of the Museum: the book is bound in white wallpaper to represent the plaster on the museum’s wall; the title is fashioned with a thick label which is fastened to the cover like a caption flanking a work of art. The book begins and ends with a clear film on which three dots have been affixed as to remind one of museum doors.

For Luca Piola museum is a place that is distinct and different from the world outside, it takes you to a different place, both physically and mentally, making you drift towards different inner realities. He says: “When one enters a museum one enters another reality, another dimension of the reality that is life itself. You enter through the doors and everything outside becomes further away and almost disappears. I am interested in things that people feel and perceive in that space.
They enter a museum and it is as if they had boarded a train; they become passengers, ‘Passengers,’ on a trip toward other places in the mind. I record people in this liquid flow. I collect tracks from shreds of their mental explorations”. 

Was born in Genoa and lives between Italy and New York.
His works have been exhibited in several shows including Arengario Palace Milan, San Ludovico Gallery Parma, Sforzesco Castle Milan, Pigorini Palace Parma, Grazia Neri Gallery Milan, PWPL Gallery Long Island, West Chelsea Artists Open Studios New York.

On May 12th “Passengers” book and exhibition will be presented at the Contemporary Art Museum Villa Croce by laria Bonacossa director of the Museum, by Adriana Polveroni, essayst, critic, professor at the Accademia of Belle Arti of Brera and Editor in Chief of Exibart and by the collector Natalina Remotti. On May 21st at OFFprint Tate Modern, London book signing in collaboration with blisterZine.