Author: Francesco Jodice 
Publishing project blisterZine 
Five tales on Mont Blanc, 2014 
 Format: 330X330 mm
Feautures: 44 pages
14 color plates, (5 of them are manually printed by the author) 
hard white leather cover
Edition: 15 copies 
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Art work
Mont Blanc. Just things 
Five tales on Mont Blanc
“Because this is the mountain, a primordial force that affects the unwary travellers taking their life, but then, over time, gives back fragments of bodies, shreds of clothings, personal effects, letters, monkeys, belly dancers and some treasures. But above all, the mountain, in the time that elapses between tragedy and restitution, digests and remains undergo a transubstantiation phenomenon. The things that upstream were just themselves, back downstream in another time and under other meanings, becoming strange stories.”